Classic Rock & Roll Entertainment for Seniors

Everyone loves an accordion concert, a children's choir, a violin and banjo duo, a harpist, or a trio of ladies singing the greatest hits of the Andrew Sisters. But todays seniors grew up listening to rock & roll.
Beachcomber Bob is an entertainer who was there almost from the start. And he takes his audiences back to the early days of rock & roll with classic hits such as "Rock Around the Clock", "Splish Splash", "Sea Cruise", “Tiny Bubbles”, “Wonderful World”, and lots of Elvis Presley. And it's all presented in a beach party format reminiscent of the Beach Boys, Don Ho, and “Happy Days”.
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If you're planning a special event with a "Back to the 50's" theme, Bob has the music, the costumes, the props and the attitude. It's an entertaining and interactive hour of musical memories as Bob moves through the audience, shakes a few hands, sits on a couple laps, and gives a few hugs, all while playing, singing, and sharing stories about the good old days of rock & roll.
You might be surprised to see a few folks get up and Jitterbug or maybe do the Twist. But even if they can't get up to dance, they'll be rockin' and rollin' wherever they are, any way they can, and always smiling from ear to ear.
Beachcomber Bob has been featured at Heathers Manor, Oak Ridge Assisted Living, Park Health & Rehab Center, Waterford Manor, Cerenity Care Center, Copperfield Hill, The Rivers in Burnsville, Crest View Senior Communities, Westwood Ridge, Ebenezer Daybreak, Rose Arbor, Bethesda Care Center, the Minnesota Veterans Home, Clare Bridge, Homestead, Keystone, The Colony, Ecumen, Brightondale, and many others. Please feel free to call any of these facilities for a reference.

Every show will often feature special guest performances by "Elvis Presley" and even "Tammy Wynette" singing "Stand By Your Man". Bob can also do a complete one hour “Tribute to Elvis” show featuring early Elvis from the 50’s followed by the “Viva Las Vegas” Elvis show. It might not be the best impersonation you’ve ever seen, but we guarantee it is the most entertaining Elvis show in the Midwest.
Tribute to Elvis
Welcome Aboard
Back to the 50's
Viva Las Vegas
Jailhouse Rock
Live From Las Vegas
Bob lives in the Twin Cities and has been a musician and entertainer all of his life, playing in various groups and as a solo performer throughout the Midwest. He began doing shows for seniors a few years ago and enjoys them more than just about any other type of event he performs for.
The generation that once said, "If it's too loud, you're too old!" and "Never trust anyone over 30!" still knows how to rock & roll. All they need is a chance - and a little help from Beachcomber Bob.
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